How to stop Uber from taking over your local car dealership

In the UK, car dealers are a key way to keep costs down and drive the economy forward, but now, a new app is hoping to change all that by allowing car buyers to purchase their own car insurance policy, just like online shoppers.

The app, called Cars, allows users to upload a photo of themselves with their car, and the company will then track their car’s age and mileage using a “health score” that is verified by an insurance company.

The health score can then be used to buy the car, which is cheaper than the usual auto insurance offered by insurers, which typically cost up to £100 per car.

The service is currently available only in the UK and Ireland, and will be rolled out to other countries in the coming months.

“The insurance industry has been unable to make the transition from an industry dominated by large, well-connected, and well-financed car companies to a more competitive, more flexible and affordable one that’s not dependent on a single car manufacturer,” the company wrote in a blog post.

“We want to make it easy for people to make that transition to a new car marketplace.”

The company also notes that Car can also save car buyers money on petrol, which they can then use to buy a vehicle, while saving their local council a few hundred pounds on a car purchase.

Cars currently offers three car insurance plans: basic, standard and extended, with more plans to come.

The basic plan covers only one vehicle, with a premium of around £25 for the first year, and then a flat rate of £40 for each subsequent year.

This includes a free collision assessment and car insurance, but is not available to people buying a second car.

Premium plans are more expensive but cover more vehicles, and include a range of insurance cover options including a vehicle liability insurance, car loan cover, and car hire cover.

The extended plan covers up to five vehicles, but does not cover a second vehicle.

The company’s car insurance is available for free to anyone in the world, but will only cover the first vehicle purchased, so anyone who is looking to buy an insurance policy on Car could be out of luck.

Cars will also offer a car insurance app for iOS, Android and web browsers.

“There’s a lot of hype around cars in the U.K., but I think it’s important to remember that car ownership is not a zero-sum game.

We’re investing in these people, and we want to give them the same access to the same benefits as anyone else,” the car insurance company’s CEO, Peter Grewal, told the BBC.

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