How Spectrum plans to launch a business plan for its new restaurant in Calgary

The owner of the Calgary restaurant that is opening this week in the heart of the city’s food scene has released a business strategy that he hopes will help lure a business partner.

“It’s an opportunity to be able to have some type of partnership or a partner in the future,” said Joe McDonough, the founder of the restaurant, which will have a patio seating area that will be open to the public.

“We’re trying to put together some kind of business plan.”

The restaurant, in the city, will be one of several new ventures to be established in Calgary in the coming months, according to the owners of the two restaurants on the strip.

They have signed a three-year partnership with the Calgary Community Hospital, and are in the process of opening a new space in the downtown core.

The restaurant will open at the corner of the old Stampede grounds, a space that has been vacant since the end of the winter.

“The goal is to be one with the community and have a really positive impact on the community,” said McDonugh, who was formerly the president of the Canadian Automotive Association.

The new restaurant will be located near the new city-owned arena, the Saddledome, which is due to open in 2019. “

If that happens, I think it will be a positive thing for the city of Calgary and for the community.”

The new restaurant will be located near the new city-owned arena, the Saddledome, which is due to open in 2019.

The arena, originally opened in 1972, has since been transformed into the Rogers Centre, home to the NHL’s Calgary Flames.

McDonough said the new restaurant could serve as an outlet for local business.

“We have a good relationship with the city.

We have a very good relationship there.

We’ve been in the community a lot, we’ve been doing the business there,” he said.

“I think if that happens and we can get a partner to come to the city and see how that’s going, I believe that we can have a relationship there, because that’s where the business is going to come from.”

McDonought said the business plan is in a draft form, and that he expects to see more details on the business and restaurant in the next couple of weeks.

He said he’s not interested in being sued by Spectrum, the developer, and has yet to sign any leases with the new owners.

“I’m not really interested in litigation,” he told CBC News.

“At the end, we’re looking to do what’s best for the restaurant and our future.”

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