Which of Canada’s provincial and territorial governments is doing the best job on business outcomes?

Posted October 15, 2018 04:37:55 Business outcomes, whether they are good or bad, have a powerful impact on the economic growth and the quality of life of Canadians.

Here’s a look at which provinces and territories are doing the most to ensure that they meet their obligations to their stakeholders, the business community, and the environment.

In Manitoba, where the province is home to the lumber industry, the province has been working hard to improve its business outcomes since the early 2000s.

The Manitoba Government of the Day’s business outcomes report for 2017 shows that the province’s economy has improved significantly since 2014, with GDP growth of 5.7 per cent.

Manitoba is ranked fourth in the country for the amount of economic activity per capita, according to the 2017 Canadian Community Survey, according the Centre for Economic Performance at the University of Manitoba.

“The Manitoba Government’s work to support Manitoba’s timber industry has led to significant job creation and growth, as well as improved conditions for the forestry industry,” the province said in a statement.

The report also noted that “the Manitoba Government has also increased its investment in training and education for its workforce, as has the Manitoba Forest Service.”

Manitoba also ranked first in the world in economic activity for 2016.

The province was ranked first for the number of business owners in the province, with a total of 5,878 business owners, according Statistics Canada.

The most recent statistics available show that Manitoba’s economy expanded by 7.3 per cent in 2016, and by 7 per cent last year.

In 2019, Manitoba was ranked sixth in the U.S. in GDP, with an estimated $2.5 billion.

It was also ranked second in the Canada and United Kingdom for the average wage for a private-sector worker, according data from the Bureau of Labour Statistics.

The state has also been working to improve environmental and social outcomes.

In 2016, Manitoba ranked fourth for environmental quality in the region, with pollution levels in the water and land in Manitoba’s Upper Peninsula region ranking eighth and the river in the Lower Mainland of the province ninth.

In 2018, Manitoba had the seventh highest concentration of bird species on a World Heritage List, according a recent study by the World Wildlife Fund and the National Audubon Society.

In 2017, the Manitoba Government reported that it had invested $25 million to address issues such as water quality, and $20 million to improve forestry practices, and to protect wildlife.

The provincial government also has taken steps to address other concerns such as air quality and the impact of the ozone hole, the study said.

“There are also many more actions that Manitoba can take to reduce CO2 emissions,” the Manitoba government said.

Manitoba has also made significant strides in the last five years.

The country has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 2.3 million tonnes in that time, and Manitoba has reduced methane emissions by almost 50,000 tonnes since the mid-2000s, according Natural Resources Canada.

It has also introduced measures to help provinces and municipalities to reduce greenhouse gas emission and pollution, including measures to reduce power generation from the province.

In May, Manitoba became the first province in the North to require a business to install a climate-controlled greenhouse gas capture and storage system in its facilities.

This year, Manitoba announced the first $10 million investment in the system in 2017, and it has committed another $25.5 million to help ensure it is installed in 2018.

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