5 Things You Should Know About MTV’s ‘The Real World: Season 2’ premiere

Posted March 12, 2019 08:51:52In the third season of MTV’s hit reality series, The Real World, the series debuted to universal acclaim and garnered a record-breaking 1.8 million viewers, making it the most-watched television series premiere in U.S. history.

The show, which aired on ABC in 2019, is now available for streaming on MTV Networks, the premium cable channel.

“The Real Worlds has done an amazing job,” MTV Networks president Scott Lohner said.

“It’s truly a unique concept, a unique brand, and the people who create it are the best.

The people who love this show are the most passionate and passionate fans, and we’ve got great relationships with them and they’ve been amazing ambassadors for MTV and for us.”

In addition to the ratings, TheRealWorld is the highest-rated television series on the premium channel.

It debuted at number one in total viewers, with more than 1.2 million.

It topped the network’s other new series, MTV Unplugged, which debuted at #1 in total viewership.

TheReal World also had an audience share of 55.4 percent, making the show one of the highest for a new series.

“This is the kind of show we wanted to create, and I think we did a great job,” Lohns said.

“It’s an exciting time for MTV, and with the growth of online streaming, this is a huge opportunity for us and the network to continue to grow and grow the brand.”MTV also unveiled a new branding strategy, the first of its kind for a series, in which it is not limited to just the theme and the character.

It has also created a new logo and brand icon.

The new logo features an image of a red bird that looks like a white, eagle-shaped dot, with a circle on the upper left and a circle at the top of the image, with the word “MOVIE” in lower left.

The new logo also features a series logo that is identical to the series logo, and it has a logo with a different font, “MTV.”

The brand’s new branding also includes the words “MVP” and the phrase “MVPD,” as well as the slogan “MOST RELIABLE.”

“The new branding gives us the chance to reach more people,” Loughner said, adding that he believes the branding will be more appealing to a younger audience.

“We think this will help us reach more consumers and will help make our brand even more relatable to younger viewers.”MOVIES FOR YOU: MONDAY NIGHT, MONDays MTV: The Real Ones, TheRealitySeries, TheMillion, TheThing That I Don’t Want to Do, TheUniverseTM: TheReal, RealWorldTM: RealityTM:TheReal, TheTMTM:RealTM:TMTM, RealTM:UniverseMTV News is your source for all things MTV, including news, sports, entertainment, politics, and more.

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