Israel’s ‘Golden Garden’ plan to make it a ‘spa-like’ microbrewery is dead, a company official says

In a recent interview with Haaretz, a senior official of Israel’s national beer company, Aleph, revealed that its “Golden Garden” plan to become a microbreweries brewpub, with its own tasting room, had already been abandoned and that the plan would be replaced by a more limited brewpub model.

According to a report in the Jerusalem Post, Alep CEO Yigal Palmor and his colleagues were forced to abandon the plan following the death of the brewpub project earlier this year.

According the report, Aleb was supposed to open a new brewery on the site of a former spa.

The plans had been in the works for some time, and the plan was supposed for completion in 2022.

The Beer Industry Ministry’s deputy director for planning and design, Eran Ben-Ari, told the newspaper that Aleph had been preparing the site for a new brewpub for a long time, with plans to open it by the end of the year.

But Ben-Arians comments came after an announcement by the company’s CEO Yotam Cohen that the project would not proceed, citing the company being in dire financial straits and that Alep had no other choice.

As reported by Haaretz:In his interview with the newspaper, Cohen said Aleph has decided to abandon its plans for a micro-brewery, after the death and departure of the company earlier this month.

“We are losing the Golden Garden project, and we cannot continue,” he said, adding that Alepe had already begun discussions with other partners to start a new microbrewpub.

“We are working on other things.

But this project is finished.”

But Ben-Asari said that while the decision to abandon plans for the Golden Gardens Brewpub project was disappointing, it was not a complete disaster.

He said the project had received funding from the Israeli government and that a deal with a local developer was still in progress.

“The plan was based on a small-scale, micro-tap-based system,” he told Haaretz.

“It was designed to be a temporary solution for a temporary brewery.”

However, Ben-Avari noted that this was not the case with Aleph’s plan for a brewpub.

The company had started discussions with the local developer, Ben Asari said, but the talks were unsuccessful.

The current brewery would be based in a larger building, he added.

“This project was not intended to be the mainstay of the brewing operation, but rather to serve a smaller number of people, for whom it is important to have a brewery, and also to offer a place to grow the beer,” he explained.

“This project is not an alternative to the brew pub.

It is not a plan that would allow us to offer an alternative for the brewing operations.

It would just be a new way to make beer.”

Meanwhile, the Jerusalem Municipality announced in January that it had granted permits to start construction on a new “beer garden” in the city.

The municipality, which has jurisdiction over the area around the former spa, also said that a second brewery, which would be situated next to it, would open in the coming years.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in the Palestinian territories said that the Beer Garden initiative had been terminated because of financial constraints.

“It was decided that it is no longer feasible to continue the project,” a spokesperson from the ministry told The Jerusalem Times.

“There was no alternative for us to continue this project, which was approved by the Palestinian Authority in July 2017.”

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